What To Know Before You Go

We want to ensure all trail users have a positive experience while being active. We ask all trail users to follow posted safety guidelines relevant to their adventure. If at any time you experience an issue on the trail. Please bring trail issues to our attention through our web form.

What to Bring

Before you head out to hit the trail, consider the following recommendations to gear up before your visit:

  • Comfortable Shoes – Wear appropriate shoes, suitable attire and safety gear for your planned activity and weather conditions.
  • Sunscreen – it’s a good idea any time of year!
  • Water – Bring enough to stay hydrated for your entire visit. Not all segments have access to water fountains.
  • Local Map – Check out the specific/individual trail maps before you go for details about destinations along your route.
  • Cell Phone – If you’ll be making a longer journey we suggest taking your mobile device to stay connected.
  • Fee Funds – Be prepared for parking fees at some access points.
  • Bring the fun! –  Don’t forget items like your camera, binoculars, plant identification books and sketch pads. While these items are not essential, they add to the variety of experiences you can enjoy on the B2B Trail!

Trail Environment

Please be aware that you may encounter natural obstructions such as fallen branches, wet leaves, gravel or wildlife. If you encounter any major obstructions please bring them to our attention. Many portions of the B2B Trail are not maintained during the winter so please use caution on snow and ice. 

Accessibility for All

The existing portions of the B2B Trail are ADA-compliant pathways to provide opportunities for everyone to experience our wonderful parks system and natural features. All pathways are wheelchair and mobility assistant device friendly and are designed with gentle slopes and stable surfaces. Pathways are typically paved 10-feet wide with 2-foot grass shoulders on each side. To cross wet areas, the trail typically uses sturdy boardwalks and bridges. Some portions of the B2B Trail in more developed urban spaces use a combination of sidewalks and bike lanes for short distances. Please review the trail pages and maps for the most up-to-date information along your planned route.  

Trail Surface

The trail surface typically consists of asphalt, concrete, or boardwalk. Boardwalks and bridges may be slippery when wet, please use caution.

Trail Etiquette

Be Kind on the B2B

Be kind to each other, and to nature, on the B2B Trail. Trail etiquette typically calls for staying to the right and passing on the left. Pedestrians have the right of way at all times. When passing, please indicate so by saying “on your left” or using a bicycle bell.

While bicycling, jogging/running, and rollerblading are welcome, we ask that reasonable speeds are maintained for the safety and enjoyment of others.

Pet Guidelines

Pets are welcome on the trail but must be under the owner’s control at all times. Dogs must be kept on a leash, per state law, for their own protection as well as other users and wildlife. Please be prepared to clean up after your pet.

Stop at Road Crossings

Trail users must stop at all stop signs and yield to traffic at all intersections with public roads and driveway crossings. Please use caution when proceeding.

Leave No Trace

We can work together to minimize our impact while enjoying nature on the B2B Trail and in our own backyards.  Please pickup all trash and pet waste, if it is yours or left by others, respect the wildlife and stay on the trail. Find out more about how you can care for the outdoors here.