Trail Contributors

Washtenaw County residents are integral in the development of the B2B Trail through their continued support of the Parks & Recreation millage and the Roads and Non-Motorized Trails millage. Since 2000, these millages have allowed Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation to invest more than $40M in the planning, design, and construction of the B2B Trail and other important trail projects in the County.  These public funds leverage generous private contributions secured by the Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative and Federal and State grants, making the B2B Trail an exemplary public-private partnership.



Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation


Tim and Laurie Wadhams

Wilbert J. and Virginia M. McKeachie


Anonymous Foundation


Steve and Sheila Hamp

Trinity Health Michigan


Lew Kidder

The Feeney Family

Thomas Bloom and Beth Trollman


“JIFFY” mixes

Steve and Judy Dobson

The Weiser Family

Howard Holmes

Paul and Connie Dimond

Thomas and Deborah McMullen

Linda (McKeachie) Dicks

In Memory of Carol Serr

Vintage Financial Services


Chelsea State Bank

Irene Fast

Jeff and Anne Kittendorf

Jason, Lynn and Holly Fox

Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Towsley Foundation

William C. and Rosella E. Bauman


Hardwood Solutions, Inc.

Christopher and Nicole Hamp

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan


Ann Arbor Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Bloom Roofing Systems

Chelsea Lumber Company

Edward Jones

Elizabeth and Brian Burt

Exchange Capital Management

Anonymous (2)

Kidder and Wolfe Family Fund

Thomas Buhr

5 Healthy Towns Foundation

Frutig Farms

Level One Bank

Masco Corporation

Nancy and Steve Mauti

Old National Bank

Ray Pittman

Rob and Heidi Ewing

Robert and Ellen Thompson

Robert and Krystn Stephens

Bill and Wendy Holmes

Carver Family

William Clay Ford Jr.

RF Events

Chelsea Hospital

The Common Grill

The Dave and Louise Lutton

Fund of the Ann Arbor

Community Foundation

The Emrick Investment Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

Aberdeen Bike

Thomas Buhr

Roberta Knox


Bank of Ann Arbor

Friends of the Border To Border Trail

Arthur and Trudy Golden

5 Healthy Towns Foundation

John Pierce


Vanston O’Brien

John and Donna Daniels


Allan Newman and Roddy Wares

Ann and Thomas Hunt

Ann Arbor Bicycle and Touring Society

Ann Arbor Track Club

Chelsea Rotary

David and Alisande Read

Green Tree Pediatrics

Heydlauff’s Appliances

Jeff and Deb Hardcastle

In Memory of Richard W Skeean

Integrated Health Associates

Jeff and Dawn Williams

John and Anne Mann

Reinhart Realtors

Sheila and Creg Carpenter

Staffan- Mitchell Funeral Home

Tim and Mary Jane Eder

Esther Floyd

Trystyn Welsh Springers

UMRC Foundation

Charles and Linda Borgsdorf

David and Karen Dickenson

Matt Doan

Martin Family Foundation

Steve and Camilla Roper

Heather and Kevin Newman

Robert Wolf


Aaron and Michelle Crumm

Charles and Lynne Stanich

Chuck and Rose Manitz

Doors and Drawers

University Bank

Hopp Electric, Inc.

Robert and Connie Pulcipher

Tess Golden and Dimitri Wohns at The Boston Foundation

Jackie Garris and Jeanne McLaughlin

Howard and Luanne Booth in honor of the Dexter Concert Band

Jeff and Deb Hardcastle

Katherine Larson

Mark and Jennifer Pinto

Martha Grimes

Shira and Steve Klein

Abby Hurst and Joe Ziolkowski

Jamie Buhr

Miles Colwell and Lynn Driver

Rebecca Horvath

Susan Faulkner

Carolin and MacDonald Dick

Ann and George Crane

Megan McCall and Patrick Muldoon

Hugh Garton

Bart and Maribeth Hammer


Alford Family

Alison Pollard and Joe Tinsley

Ann Arbor Velo Club

Catherine Juon

Duane and Joyce McKeachie

Golden Family Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of the Boston Foundation

Gorden and Anna Fournier

James Lee

Gretchen Weir

Lost Arrow Sports

In Memory of Alan Raucher

Erik and Ann Stalhandske

Erratic Ale Co. LLC

Moving Forward Scio

Jeff Hall

Jim and Andrea Alford

Liberty Athletic Club

Lloyd Bridges Traveland

Maria Serras

Mary Jane and Steven Olsen

Michael Fitzsimmons

Michael Fitzsimmons and Hope Haefner

Mike and Wendy Jurosek

Arthur and Trudy Golden

Bill and Mary Kinley

Janis Bobrin and Michael Allemong

Nancy and Jim Paul

Fernanda Gregorio

Roy and Stacey Townsend

Ray and Micky Howe

Robert and Connie Pulcipher

Thomas Higgins

Bruce and Grace Harrison

Catherine Susan and Rob Heroux

Ron and Chris Livengood

Douglas and Sabrina Gross

Bonnie Ohye

Christine Stead

Lisa J. Disch

Patricia Winebrenner

Jeffrey Spoon and Terri Ginsburg

William and Roberta Stapleton